Dysotek is an Italian Indie specialized in the provision of games for: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Smartphone Android, PC Windows, Mac, HTML5, Flash, Facebook.

  • PC Game: Bowls Sport
  • Flash Game: Cooking
  • Flash Game: Ability
  • iOS/Android Game: Beach Marbles
  • Flash Game: Platform/Test/Ability
  • HTML5 Game: Snapshot
  • HTML5 Game: Recycling
  • PC Game: Bocce Sport
  • Flash Game: Platform
  • HTML5 Game: Adventure
  • iOS Game: Cooking
  • HTML5 Game: Platform
  • HTML5 Game: Race
  • HTML5 Game: Snapshot
  • PC Game: Zombie FPS
  • iOS Game: Platform
  • Flash Game: Cars Race
  • PC Game: Supermarket Ability
  • PC Demo Game: FPS
  • iOS Game: Bumper Cars
  • Catalogue of 8 HTML5 Games

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